I Believe In Good Seeex -Joke Sylvia video


Joke Sylvia, is not only known as a renowned thespian, but an opinionated and articulate woman. So when she was asked recently what veterans in marriage mean by, “ to have a good marriage, you must work at it”, given the fact that she herself is a veteran in matrimony. She wasted no time in explaining in clear terms.

“I remember asking my mother this same question as a newlywed. Should I give you my honest opinion…” she asked rhetorically, “away from what they teach us in church, and the mosques, if I find myself with a partner that is not leveling up, because what I believe in is, the only way you can make a marriage work is to sit down and talk about everything honestly.

Be it financial issues, in-law issues, talk about it, but if he does not want to make amend, call him and kiss and say sweat heart I love you but it is not working lets go our separate ways. we can still be friends. That is what I will do if my marriage is in a fix


When asked whether it is absolutely everything that couples should talk about she answered “yes of course, even seex, because seex is very important for a healthy marriage, if you are not getting what you want from your partner, sit down with him and talk about it, because if the seex is not good it will push your partner to misbehave. So if the seex is not good kiss yourselves good bye.

Meanwhile, the veteran who has been off the scene for a while says “I have been busy working on a stage project called hear word, it come up today (5th of August) 2017 at the Muson Centre.